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Fully Automatic

Advanced electronics will detect a utility power outage and automatically start the generator whether you are home or away.

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All-Climate Enclosure

Features heat/rust proof polymer vents and louvers, rounded corners and a 3-step automotive rust proofing & wet coat paint process for years of durable outdoor protection.

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Legendary Service & Support

From professional sizing and delivery to installation & service, trust the proven experts at Briggs & Stratton for complete peace of mind.

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Premium Warranty

An industry leading 4 year limited -your guarantee of quality and performance.Each system includes a battery charger.

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Company Certfications


National Aerospace Laboratory

The Gensets upto 750 kVA are type approved by the National Aerospace Laboratory.As so it approves Noise free Gensets at Supreme Qu

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CPCB2 Certified

Testing & Certification of Petrol/Kerosene Generator sets up to 19kW and Diesel Generator sets up to 1000kVA to assess noise confo

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Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a global company in testing, inspection and certification services to meet standards and regulations in terms of

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Many times we assume that power will always be functioning and that a blackout or even a brownout will not occur. But there are cases where the power does go out, and this can often occur for an unspecified amount of time. In the commercial business world, these outages can be extremely costly. The use of diesel or gas generators provides a backup power source, and really serves as a form of insurance that can save thousands, perhaps millions in lost revenue every year due to loss of electrical power.



Diesel generators are still a lot more preferred than other types of generators. many use diesel generators for home use as they have proven to be reliable to power refrigerators, electronic devices, and even home medical equipment. Anyhow, it is necessary to look at the pros and cons when deciding to go for a diesel generator.

One of the most necessary advantages includes the fuel efficiency for diesel engines, as they use a lot less fuel.




The larger industries are what make the country tick and provide our essentials like energy and transportation. If an emergency arises and the power goes out, these businesses could lose thousands or even millions of dollars in revenue and prevent their customers from obtaining their products in a timely fashion. That’s why it’s important to have large, OJUS industrial generators that can keep the lights on and the workflow continuing, even in times of a power outage.




In healthcare, the safety of your patients is paramount so you need a reliable, rapid response power system. It’s very important that hospitals have generator backup because power outages are often unexpected and unpredictable.

When it comes to providing reliable power for the healthcare sector, OJUS have a wealth of experience.




Life has a habit of throwing new challenges your way. Or maybe you are simply planning ahead. Either way, OJUS has available, diesel generator sets that provide a fuel efficient, easy to operate or flexible power solution. Our gensets are designed to run at maximum efficiency ensuring optimal running costs for your business. Modern diesel engines have overcome disadvantages of earlier models of higher noise and maintenance costs. They are now quiet and require less maintenance as compared with gas engines of similar size.

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